Vital Wheat Gluten

Product Identification :

Synonyms :Gluten Powder, Wheat Meal
CAS No. :8002-80-0
HS CODE :210610
Molecular Weight : 
Chemical Formula : 
Characteristics :White yellow flowing powder with normal taste
Main Usages :
1. It can be used as natural additive to be added into flour to produce wheat powder for bread, needle, dumpling and fine dried noodles. 
2. It can be used in food industry to produce gluten, bran dough, ham sausage, steamed bean curd roll vegetarian"chicken", luncheon meat and canned food, etc. 
3. It can be used to replace a-starch to be used in the feed of eel and turtle, or used as a protein resource to replace fish powder. 
4. It can be used in bulked feed to offer protein and improve the outlook of feed. Moreover, it also can be used to increase the vegetable protein assay of food.
Standard Specifications:ISO 9001:2000, Kosher, Halal, Goods free from Melamine
Items Specification(Food grade) Specification(Feed grade)Protein 75%~80%, on dry basis.70% min, on dry basis Moisture 8% max. 9% max. Ash 1% max. 1.8% max. Water Absorption 150% min. 130% min. Particle 99% min pass through 80 mesh(200 micro)
Annual Production :10000MT/Year
Packing :Kraft paper bag of 25 kg net, or jumbo bag of 850 kg, 1,000kg
Storage :Kept in a light-proof,well-closed,dry and cool place.
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